Can the Market Makers See Your Stops?

Can market makers see where you place your orders so they can “run your stops?”

The specifics will vary depending on whether you’re trading stocks, futures, Spot Forex or Options.
Not only human market makers, but also, and perhaps more importantly, market making algorithms that are programmed to run stops.

It’s not most accurate to think of them running stops, but rather seeking liquidity.

Yes, they may see them if they show up in the order book.

One temptation is to work without stops.

Another temptation is to use “soft” stops.

The difference between hard stops and soft stops.

Do major funds cares about your or my small orders?

If you place your stop where a lot of other traders obviously will (at major support/resistance), then that could be a problem.

Don’t treat support/resistance as lines, but as zones.

Rules vary depending on your broker, software, market you’re trading, the exchange, and especially the type of order you’re placing. For example, a stop order may be treated differently than an OTO order, which may be treated differently than a bracket order, which may be different than a market order or limit order, etc.

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